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Welcome to my financial blog!

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Welcome to my new financial blog. As you run through all the posts, Imagine yourself hearing the tinkling sound of the coins, or smelling the newly withdrawn bills from the ATM machine. Everything here talks about money, how to spend and how to save. After all, we cannot live without money, technically.

However, let us not forget that money is just one of the resources that God entrusted to us in order to live our life the way He designed it, BUT we should not forget the fact that the love of money will be a root of evil. BE CAREFUL.

Enjoy browsing and reading. Leave your mark as you go by posting your sensible comments!

God bless!

New Investment

Considering that drinking water is essential in every home, we always see to it that we have an ample supplies at home. We have a regular supplier  who used to distribute waters within our subdivisions. The cost of supplies every delivery is three bottles for P100.00. But if you will go to a refilling station, you can only get it for more or less P20.00 per refill. It made me think of investing such kind of business. I just have to learn first those things that should be considered. I know it is not that easy considering that it needs lot of preparations especially on documents and permits. Thinking of a business that will surely hit is what plays on my mind right now. How about you? Are you thinking of a good investment? Just see to it that the business that you want to engage with are those kind that is salable to people  of different walks of life. As for this case, who doesn’t drink purified water right now?

WFW: Be Profitable

7 But whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ.

Living is not all about getting financial gains. We also need to earn profit that will last for eternity and that is our crowns in heaven. How far have you gone in your ministry? Or let me rephrase the question: Are you involved in any of the ministries in your church? How are you doing? Do you find joy in doing so? Try to assess yourself and be honest to admit how is your relationship with God.There is nothing wrong with trying to improve our economic status… Let us be profitable without compromising our soul.

Cashless Lifestyle(E-Wallet)

Nowadays it is no longer safe to be alone on the street especially during night time. Almost everyday, we heard about robbery cases, wallet and phone snatching and all those sort of crimes. Indeed, life is at stake when you are in the dark. The latest in technology tries to address this problem by trying to develop that cashless lifestyle. We already have that Automated Teller Machine for our salaries, credit cards for our groceries, and now e-wallet for our money. Smart and Globe Phone Lines already adapted this kind of system. Many religious groups are skeptics about this believing that this is the prelude to what was prophesied in the Bible (Cashless society) wherein no one can buy if they do not have the mark… Sound scary? For me, a little bit scary.

But whatever is your stand about this, you are entitled to it. We just have to understand one thing, we cannot alter what was being written in the Bible because it is the absolute truth. What we have now is the responsibility among ourselves to be careful and be vigilant against bad elements. Whether you are into this kind of system or not, what matters most is that we should not be overwhelmed with what is IN but rather we should weigh things out before engaging. Right?

Be An Online Virtual Assistant

Searching job online is now easier compared before. There are lots of website that will help you earn via online and one that I can highly recommend is The said website is advantageous to us because they especially hire Filipino Workers because we, Filipinos, are known to be productive and industrious. The website will provide you number of international employers who needs full-time or part-time employees. You just have to follow all their requirements. Usually they are looking employees for Article Writing, Data Entry, Video Editing, Programming and so much more. You have lots of options to choose from. I have here a screen shot of sample job that they are looking for:

All you need to do is just simply sign up and edit your skills and personal info. Be honest with all the data that you are going to enter. God bless in your online journey!


Regardless how busy I am, I cannot escape from the fact that part of my responsibility as a Mom and a wife is to maintain the cleanliness of the house. Mind you, with two boys and one girl at home, cleaning would be a great challenge. As I started cleaning, I noticed lot of empty bottles scattered on our backyard. I was about to throw it when I remember that all those empty plastic and non-plastic bottles can be recycled. I watch a documentary report about it one time on how an empty plastic bottles were used to save electricity! That news gained popularity by the time it was aired. Indeed Filipino’s ingenuity pays off. So instead of throwing it, I planned of selling it to a garbage collector who exchange recyclable materials with money. See? I earned while decluttering and keeping my house clean.

Real Estate Consultant

When you go to the mall, have you experienced being approached by somebody giving you fliers on housing units? They will ask few minutes of your time to explain and  to present to you their featured home models and its payment scheme. They are real-estate agent/ consultant. Being a real-estate consultant is not an easy job. You need to undergo lots of process before you get the license to sell real properties. Before, you need to pass the examination for Real-Estate Broker, but now the requirement goes higher. you need to pass the Real-Estate Consultant exam (which earns higher title than a broker) in order to become a legitimate consultant.It is not easy to close a deal but once you get to close one, a whooping 5% cash of the total contract price will be yours! Just imagine a house and lot worth just One Million will get you to earn Php50,000. Come to think of it, real properties now cost more than this!

Of course, you need to pass through the requirement set by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board- for you to get the the license to sell. You also need to update your knowledge with the series of orientation conducted by the Realtors in order to get updated. Are you convinced? BE one now! Inquire from your nearest Real-Estate companies.

Arts and Craft…

When it comes to arts and craft I am my hubby’s # 1 fan! He is so good into lettering and even drawing. He is his mother’s protégé! He loves art the way his Mom does. Whenever he has enough time during any of the church’s big activities, he is always there to assist the decoration committee. I have lots of hand made gift from him. He was even able to sketch my face! It made me realize then that if only my hubby will use his God-given skill to earn an extra income, he can make it happen. However, it is not his priority. He did artworks for gifts and keepsakes only. I also have a blogger friend who is into arts as well. But her style is different. She’s more into lettering through paper cutting and painting using fabric paints. She can also draw but she cannot sketch unless using graphing method. She also hates using colors because according to her she doesn’t know how to blend and apply the right colors.  That is why she never dare to make it as her source of income or sideline because “she’s not confident” as she puts it. They even joke that they were siblings just being torn apart by circumstances… lol!

Anyway, if you have that skills and confidence, accepting artworks is such a good source of income! Graphics above are the painting  using fabric paints applied on shirt and bag done by my friend, Jackie of God Brought Me Here For A Reason.

Be A Part of the KES 2011 Smart Korea Conference

KES 2011 is Coming Soon!
The information campaign for the Korea’s biggest electronics show still continues, this time introducing its Smartphone Application  which will be available soon for Korean participants. What’s more? They also added on their highlights of activities the Smart Conference which involves government agencies to discuss about future IT solutions and programs that will enhance the government processing. Therefore it is expected that this show will not only brings huge electronics exposure but will also teach the participants on how to be smart when it comes to improving our quality of life. Many things are expected to be learned during the show and that includes the emphasis on convergence of the  hardware and software as to how software products could meet the hardware needs and all these things will be discussed during the Korea Electronic Show. They will also act as the marketplace for Research and Development suppliers like the Universities,  research firms and research institutes where they could showcase their latest development on  IT.

You could never go wrong upon visiting the Korean Electronic Show because aside from all those electronics exposure and smart conferences, you will also be entertained with various kiosk displays and aesthetic designs plus a live performances from Korean Wave during its Opening Ceremony. Indeed, it’s a worthwhile show! For more information, visit their official website at Do you want to know what the KEA Director, Mr Francis Kang has to say about this show when interviewed by IT Times? Visit the link at for the latest scope.
Also you can find them on their Facebook fanpage at as well as on their Twitter account at
Last year’s event was very successful indeed as featured at and if you want to have some update for this year’s KES, get their English version brochure right here at

The show will officially starts on October 12, 2011 and to be concluded on October 15, 2011. This is the kind of show that will help you understand the world of Information Technology and how it could help you in improving your quality of life. As we all knew, there is an increase demands of technology updates nowadays and we need to keep abreast for what is in and what is out so that we will not be left behind. Indeed, this show is a great avenue for us all to gain knowledge and be informed. We have to be smart in dealing with the latest updates and in order to be smart, we need to participate in a show like this. This gonna be a significant event that you wouldn’t want to miss! Plus, Smartphone app will be released soon for KES 2011, check it out!
KES 2011 is Coming Soon!

The Wedding Planner

I have been married for more than a decade now and I can still relate the happiness that I felt during the day I got married. Indeed getting married is every woman, er, I mean, most of the single women dreams about. Those who want to remain single for the rest of their lives got a reason of their own but that’s out or beyond of our control.

As church administrator, I also used to organize wedding for my church mate couple. In fact, for this year alone, I was able to organize three weddings, two of which were held on our church and the latest one was in Bohol. Being a Wedding Organizer/Planner is not an easy task but nevertheless it is exciting. I have a checklist of things to prepare. I also have complete list of suppliers for wedding accessories. Most often than not, I also became a sponsor. I know how to get more savings for a complete wedding package. I also see to it that I have a keepsake to remember for every wedding that I organized.

Being a wedding planner is a good source of income as well. You just have to study the ways and means of getting bigger discounts and packages that will be suitable for the budget of the couple.

Be a Worker @ Microworkers

Are you one of those bloggers who just can’t get many opportunities that it makes you so desperate that you settled for ghost writing only? Well, I will give you better way of earning income by just simply getting simple task that won’t consume much of your time. Welcome to! Unlike with other paying sites wherein you have to bid first and wait til you win before you can write paid posts, here at microworkers, you just simply choose the available task and complete all the requirements and there you go! You can perform as many tasks as you can as long as it is available for you. For more details, visit now.